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Plaque Program

The BGT Plaque Program is probably the Trust's most visible program. The plaque serves as a visual symbol of civic pride that meant to signify respect and appreciation for the historic value of the properties. It calls attention to buildings of architectural or historical significance that are fifty or more years old. Some 800 plaques have been awarded since the program began in the early 1970s.

Program Requirements

The property must be at least 50 years of age, and property owners must complete an application and submit it to the Blue Grass Trust, along with information about the date of construction of the building, photographs of all four sides of the building and $150, which covers production and processing fees as well as an individual membership to the Blue Grass Trust.

Sources for Information
  1. Historic Resources Inventory
    * Available at the State historic Preservation Office and often in local repositories.
    * This inventory is a survey of properties by county that assesses the properties architecture and history. A number of properties (but not all) have been surveyed are included in this inventory.
    * To find out if your property has been surveyed, contact the Kentucky Heritage Council or local preservation agency.
  2. Courthouse Records/Deed Research
    * An alternative for documenting the date of construction of your building involves research at your local county courthouse. The deed search system differs by county, but is based on the principle of property transactions ending with your name as the last entry. Contact your local County Clerk.
  3. Public Library or Historical Society
    * There are often resources available at local libraries and historical societies in your county. Be sure to check with these agencies-they can provide valuable information.
The Review Process

Following the receipt of a completed application, the plaque review committee reviews the application.
The committee considers the information submitted and votes to approve or disapprove each application. Following positive review, the Blue Grass Trust staff contacts the property owner and makes arrangements for the delivery of the plaque. If the review is negative, the Blue Grass Trust will make an appropriate explanation to the property owner.
If you have any further questions, please contact The Trust at (859) 253-0362.

Please note: The placement of a BGT Plaque on a property does not require the owner to open the premises to the public, nor does it convey any restriction on making changes to the property.


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